Driving Instructor Stricken by COVID-19 Pays for Ignorance of the VAT Regime

23rd March, 2021 By

The VAT regime is far from straightforward and anyone going into business on their own account should take professional tax advice at the outset. In a striking case on point, a driving instructor who was recovering from a life-threatening bout of COVID-19 had reason to regret his ignorance of the law. The man had initially worked in the so-called gig economy as a franchisee courier for a logistics company. He was self-employed but the company arranged for him to be registered for VAT so that he could reclaim tax paid...

Disabled Would-Be Tenant Discriminated Against by Letting Agency

18th March, 2021 By

The much-criticised practice of some landlords and their agents of excluding those in receipt of state benefits from obtaining private rented accommodation has been effectively outlawed by a judge's ruling on the basis that it amounts to indirect disability discrimination. The case concerned an energetic and determined young man who wished to provide for his large family but who suffered from physical and mental disabilities, including an emotionally unstable personality disorder. He and his wife received state benefits, including housing benefit, which totalled over £2,400 a month. Living with a...

Child Abduction – Runaway Mother Feels the Force of International Law

15th March, 2021 By

Cross-border child abduction is an all too frequent result of broken relationships but it is also unspeakably cruel and English judges take their international treaty obligations to stamp it out very seriously. The High Court powerfully made that point in ordering the return of two young children to their homeland in Italy. Although their parents met as students in the UK and owned property in this country, there was no dispute that the children were ordinarily resident in Italy. Following the breakdown of their parents' relationship, their mother removed them...

Racing Driver's Inaccurate Will Leaves His Heirs with Unwelcome Headache

12th March, 2021 By

The task of administering your estate after your death will be made all the harder if your will is not drafted with the precision that only a professional can provide. That was certainly so in one case concerning a retired racing driver's will which failed accurately to identify the good causes he wished to benefit. The man's estate was valued at over £1 million. By his will, he bequeathed his half share in a property to his mother if she survived him. She had done so by attaining the grand...