Philanthropy & Our Community

Oliver Fisher values the local community and  surrounding areas that it serves. We are a pro-active Law firm that takes pride in its  lawyers being involved with the community.

  Will Aid     

Oliver Fisher is proud of its commitment to Will Aid. Will Aid is a special partnership between the legal profession and nine of the UK’s best-loved charities.  Every November, Oliver Fisher (by appointment) waives its fee for writing a basic Will.  Instead, we invite clients to make a donation to Will Aid.

Each year, thousands of people use the Will Aid scheme. We are proud that not only do our client’s gain peace of mind by writing their Will, they help fund life-changing charity work at the same time.

In 2015 Oliver Fisher was awarded a certificate for having raised £4,200 in support of Will Aid.

Koestler Trust

Oliver Fisher is also pleased to support the Koestler Trust.  The Trust is the UK’s best-known prison arts charity. They encourage ex-offenders to change their lives through taking part in the arts, and challenge negative preconceptions of what ex-offenders are capable of.

Oliver Fisher was the Named Award winner for 2016. The artwork can be viewed here.


Oliver Fisher is a proud member of this leading UK charity which specialises in international (cross-border) child abduction. It operates the only telephone advice line in the UK that offers advice and support to parents, family members and guardians who have had a child abducted or fear the risk that their child may be abducted.

The Family Department at Oliver Fisher support Reunite’s staff with technical legal questions the charity has involving abductions.

Kensington & Chelsea CAB and Westminster Domestic Violence Clinic

Citizens Advice Kensington & Chelsea home

Our lawyers also volunteer on a rotation basis to offer their expertise to the K & C Citizens Advice Bureau and Westminster Domestic Violence Clinic in order to provide free advice that will assist average citizens in working out what their legal problem is, and what action they need to take to deal with it. In this way, we can help people take steps to deal with their problems. 

Child Bereavement UK


Oliver Fisher is proud to have raised £483.35 for child bereavement UK in December 2016.