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Any separation, divorce or civil partnership dissolution is a process rather than an event, and it takes time to adjust to the various aspects which arise.

At Oliver Fisher we have a team of experienced and dedicated solicitor specialists and mediators who can assist and support you from the start to the end of the process.  We recognise the importance of having a trusted advisor to guide you through the legal and financial aspects of any family relationship breakdown and to set out the various options at each stage of the process.

We also recognise that the emotional aspects of any breakdown play a very important part in the process.  Research has shown that relationship breakdown has similar consequences to bereavement with clients often suffering, not just the physical and emotional loss of a partner, but also the loss of expectations and a sense of security.

Our team of experienced family solicitors and lawyers is attuned to recognise and prioritise the needs of each individual client whatever the circumstances and can offer practical advice and assistance, not only to deal with the legal consequences of your relationship breakdown, but help you find any appropriate and individualised support you need.

Please contact us on 0203 219 0145 or contact us at advice@oliverfisher.co.uk.


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