Family Sector

Public Law

At Oliver Fisher we deal with many areas of public law, working for both parents and also the child both legally aided and privately.

If you have received a letter from the Local Authority inviting you to a PLO or Child Protection meeting, we will be happy to accompany you.

We also deal with matters such as when the Local Authority issue an order for care proceedings, where we can be instructed for both the parents and the child. The Local Authority may issue an application for things such as;

–         Emergency Protection Orders

–         Interim Care Orders

–         Supervision Orders

–         Placement Orders

–         Special Guardianship Orders

It is very important that you instruct a solicitor when going through these proceedings as they can be very complex and contested. Here at Oliver Fisher we have over 22 years’ experience in representing children for private and public law cases and are also a member of the Law Society’s Children Panel, Resolution and Association of Family Lawyers for Children.

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Senior Solicitor

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