Glynne Davies

Family Mediator

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  • Family Mediation

Glynne has been a fully accredited Family Mediator since 2004. She became a Professional Practice Consultant in 2009, and a member of the Local Family Justice board since 2010. She recently stepped down as Chair of the Professional Standards Board of the College to take up a position on the Family Mediation Council’s National Professional Standards Board.

As a qualified “child-inclusive” mediator, Glynne welcomes the recent Voice of the Child Report to the Government encouraging children aged 10 and over to be heard as part of the separation process.

Glynne delivers the Separated Parents Information Programme in Essex, and can offer Oliver Fisher Clients her expertise on parenting issues that arise at separation and beyond.

So whether your teenager would like his/her point of view heard by an impartial third party, or if you and your ex-partner would like some time to create a customised parenting plan for the future, Glynne is in an ideal position to help your family.

If your issues are financial, Glynne has a wealth of experience working with families who need to find affordable solutions that are fair to all parties. The mediation process allows people the time and space to explore all options and seek advice as necessary, so that when they reach agreement, they know they have chosen the best option for them, and they have made the decisions themselves.

Glynne says:

“People often ask me how I can do this job. My answer is simple. I am in awe of the people I meet, who are doing their best to work out a fair settlement that works for every member of the family. I have the greatest respect for my clients, and I will do my utmost to help them find a way through this difficult period of their lives. No-one expects mediation to be “fun”, but, as the client below says, mediation is often a positive experience for everyone.

What Clients say:

“I found mediation extremely helpful. Everything was explained clearly so I understood what was happening; a very positive experience.”

“We had tremendous help from Glynne. Her approach, ability and empathy to us both were much needed and appreciated.”

“It allowed me and my wife to reach a settlement and remain friends; helped to avoid recrimination, bitterness, adverse effect on children and court dispute.”