Arman Khosravi


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  • Commercial Litigation
  • Commercial & Residential Property Litigation
  • Professioanl Negligence Claims
  • Contentious Landlord & Tenant / Social Housing
  • Contested Probate

Arman joined Oliver Fisher in 2012 and became a Partner in April 2016. Arman specialises in both Commercial & Residential Property litigation often handling a variety of claims including breach of contract, professional negligence, company disputes, partnership disputes and contentious property disputes generally.

Arman is an effective negotiator and takes pride in his strong commitment to alternative dispute resolution, often achieving great results for clients.

Areas of expertise:

·         Professional negligence claims against architects, accountants and solicitors;

·         Landlord and tenant litigation, disrepair, unlawful eviction, possession proceedings, co-ownership disputes, forfeiture, contested lease extensions and service charge disputes;

·         Claims under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997;

·         Complex contractual disputes requiring forensic document examination of forex transactions involving various currencies and jurisdictions;

·         Claims for unjust enrichment, promissory estoppel and misrepresentation;

·         Obtaining a variety of injunctions and orders for specific / third party disclosure;

·         Claims relating to allegations of breaches of Director’s duties and fraudulent activities;

·         Contested Probate;

·         Private individual & Business Immigration Law.


Arman’s philosophy is to ‘help’ individuals, organisations and businesses achieve their goals in the most expeditious manner with the highest degree of integrity and cost-efficiency. Arman’s other interests include assisting with all aspects of practice management to include but not limited to Marketing, HR and I.T. systems management.

Client’s say:

I give my five star to Arman Khosravi at Oliver Fisher Solicitors. I went to see him when I had no answers to a family dispute and many more but Arman showed profesionalism, took his time to explain issued to me as to how i should go about it and at the end I won and am now a happy person, thanks Arman I owe you one!

~Civil Litigation client 2019

“Arman Khosravi is a first class property dispute solicitor who assisted me as effectively and as cost effectively as he possibly could in tow matters; firstly, to secure a Tomlin Consent order over a S.146 Forfeiture of Lease application and going on to settle an internal property management (co-share of freehold) planning dispute. Secondly, successfully negotiated the compliance and share splits over and old complex trust agreement attached to my property In a Nutshell, Mr Khosravi throws himself into complex tiresome cases that have an urgent nature with an outcome orientated focuce and ca-do solutions attitude…”

~Civil Litigation client 2019

I felt helpless before I came to see you, you understood my case and acted quickly, you saved my family’s only asset in this world.

~Civil Litigation client 2018

Many, many thanks for helping us achieve not a bargain but a result, you are very efficient and your technical knowledge of I.T. proved an added bonus.

~Civil Litigation client 2017

I had a difficult case, your advice, legal strategy and tactics proved invaluable in achieving a great outcome. Other firms I initially approached were not hopeful, they were hesitant and suggested I should offer a bargain of a settlement. You were interested in my case and you cared about the result achievable for me.”

~Civil Litigation client 2016

Notable cases:

Thomson v London Borough of Southwark (30 September 2015, LAG, December 2015/ January 2016, p. 41 Disrepair Quantum

Relevant experience:

Arman recently successfully defended possession proceedings for rent arrears relating to prime Central London property where rent was paid yearly in advance for a 3 year term. Both the Landlord and Tenant produced different versions of 3 tenancy agreements dating back to 2012 respectively for fixed terms of 1, 2 and 3 years alleging that the other had forged the other’s signature. The Claimant admitted serious income tax evasion of the Greek tax authorities in respect of rental income since 2012 during cross examination.

Arman acted in a complex co-ownership dispute in relation to prime-London property following a break down in family relations;

He successfully settled a high profile harassment / stalking claim that involved the use of social media;

Arman successfully defended both bankruptcy and committal proceedings in relation to a failure to disclose earnings in respect of an immoral agreement for a loan in consideration for 50% of one’s income for any chosen 10 year period of their life;

Arman acted in a complex co-ownership dispute concerning the beneficial ownership of an offshore company that owned prime Central London property, successfully preventing the winding-up of the company;

Arman facilitated the settlement of a sensitive contested Will claim involving undue influence, lack of testamentary capacity and knowledge or approval; the testatrix having suffered from Alzheimers disease.