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Illegal Eviction

If your landlord is threatening eviction or has already evicted you and you don’t believe that they have grounds to do so, get in touch with our housing law solicitors to discuss whether or not you may have been the victim of an illegal eviction.

Here at Oliver Fisher Solicitors, we have a long history of successfully defending clients from illegal eviction. We are often able to provide legal assistance free of charge where clients are eligible for legal aid.

What is illegal eviction?

Illegal eviction is a criminal offence where a landlord evicts their tenant without following the correct legal procedures. If convicted a landlord may be fined or even face a prison sentence.

Tenants are entitled to live in their homes in peace. Landlords are not permitted to harass or intimidate them or enter the tenant’s home without notice.

What are the correct legal procedures for eviction?

In virtually all situations, your landlord must give you a formal notice, obtain a court order, and then apply to court for a bailiff warrant before evicting you. Some landlords do not follow these rules. If your landlord evicts you without following the correct procedure, not only could you obtain an injunction requiring the landlord to permit you to return to the property, but you might also be entitled to compensation.

How can Oliver Fisher Solicitors help?

Here at Oliver Fisher, we have a specialist team of housing solicitors with considerable expertise in the area of illegal eviction. We can deal with your case swiftly and professionally.

If you believe you may be at risk of illegal eviction it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible. Contact us now on 020 3219 0145 or via advice@oliverfisher.co.uk for more information on how we could assist you.

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