Homelessness appeals & reviews

If you have been refused:

Which decisions can I ask to be reviewed?

You are entitled to seek a review of the following decisions on homeless applications:


·         eligibility (if the decision is that you are ‘ineligible’ (do not qualify) for assistance due to your immigration or legal status in the UK) 

·         homelessness (if you have been found ‘not homeless’)

·         priority need (if the decision is that you are ‘not in priority need’) 

·         intentionality (if you are considered ‘intentionally homeless’)

·         suitability of accommodation (you can only request a review of  the suitability of your temporary accommodation if the Council has accepted a full housing duty)

·         discharge of duty (where the Council decides that no further duty is owed to you because it considers these duties have ended).


When can I ask for a review?

The law says that you must ask for a review within 21 days of the decision. If you are outside this time, you do not have a right to a review. However, if you show that exceptional circumstances caused you to be late then this may be considered by the Local Authority.

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