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Child Abduction

International Child Abduction is when children are removed from one country to another without the consent of both parents.

This includes children who are taken out of the UK abroad and those brought into the UK. We work for both Applicants and Respondents, both legally aided or paying privately.

The UK plus many other countries are part of The Hague Convention, whereby if your child is abducted to one of these countries, you are able to start Hague proceedings very easily. The Hague convention was made to ensure the return of a child who had been taken from their country of habitual residence.

There are different ways in which we may be able to deal with your case, depending on the issues involved. These will include;

·         – The duration the child has been present in the UK

·         – The reason why the parent left

·         – Whether there is any chance for mediation

·         – The child’s habitual residence

If you have received legal documents due to taking your child to the UK or if your child has been taken to the UK, you will need to find a solicitor straight away. These proceedings normally happen very fast and it is essential you act



Here at Oliver Fisher we have a team of experienced and dedicated family law solicitors including a Resolution accredited specialist solicitor in child abduction matters.

We are also members of the Ministry of Justice’s International Child Abduction and Contact Unit and are on the Reunite list of solicitors approved to work on child abduction cases.

Please telephone us on 0203 219 0145 to arrange an appointment with our Resolution accredited specialist solicitor Santosh Kumar or contact us at advice@oliverfisher.co.uk.

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