Individuals Sector

Building Disputes

Disputes frequently arise concerning quality of work, timing and compliance with contract terms. When problems arise, our Solicitors will work with you to provide prompt, proactive and clear advice.  

Our team regularly acts for a wide range of companies and individuals in pursuing claims for and against builders, surveyors, architects, engineers and other construction professionals.      

Commercial / Private building disputes  

Swift resolution of problems on commercial building projects is essential to avoid the knock on effects on productivity with the potential associated loss of business and revenue. At Oliver Fisher we recognise the importance for clients and contractors alike of providing good solid advice to assist you in terms of risk management and dispute avoidance and resolution. 

Our work  

Issues we frequently advise on for all types of building projects include:-  

·    Disputes as to payment terms – including unpaid invoices, over-charging, staged payment and retention issues;

·    Issues concerning timing and failure to comply with contract specifications;

·    Problems due to defective workmanship;

·    Apportionment of liability between different construction professionals;

·    The need for remedial works and their interaction with the original works;

·    Availability of remedies including damages, repudiation of the contract and specific performance.       

In our experience many building disputes can be resolved without recourse to the courts. We are always keen to explore all methods of alterative dispute resolution (ADR) including without prejudice meetings, mediation, arbitration, adjudication or early neutral evaluation. Use of ADR often brings a quicker more cost effective solution, and is useful where the parties wish or need to have a continuing working relationship. If, however, proceedings are required our team has extensive experience of litigating in the Technology and Construction Court (TCC), as well as the County Courts for less complex disputes.