Landlord and Tenant Solicitors in Kensington

Oliver Fisher Solicitors is recognised for Social Housing and both Landlord & Tenant law in the UK.

You will find our solicitors are passionately committed to defending both the rights of Tenants and Landlords. Because we act for both tenants and landlords we are best placed to pre-determine the steps and thought pattern of our opponents. Our housing lawyers will fight rigorously to get the best possible result we can achieve.

We offer a full range of specialist housing law services including disrepair, evictions, homelessness, judicial reviews, illegal evictions, anti-social behavior; obtaining a variety of injunctions. See as follows:

·         Housing disrepair claims

·         Landlord responsibilities

·         Mortgage possession

·         Nuisance neighbours

·         Unlawful/illegal eviction

·         Harassment

·         Possession proceedings

·         Section 21 notices

·         Section 8 notices

·         Revenge evictions

·         Right to buy

·         Social housing applications

·         Squatters rights

·         Protected Tenants

·         Rent Act Tenants

·         Sitting Tenants

·         Tenancy deposit disputes

·         Tenancy deposit protection

·         Anti-social behaviour injunctions

·         Breach of tenancy agreement

·         Homelessness

·         Housing benefit