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We pride ourselves on ensuring that you and your family get the help, advice and support you need in every aspect of everyday life; including housing and assistance from social services. Oliver Fisher has a team of experienced and committed housing lawyers specialising in all areas of social welfare law. This includes problems with housing, community care and mental health.

Our dedicated team of housing solicitors work to the highest standards with the experience and knowledge vital to assisting clients to get the help and support that they need. Oliver Fisher has a long-standing commitment to assisting the local community with all social welfare problems. Our lawyers are able to deal swiftly, sensitively and effectively with cases at all levels, from straightforward housing problems to complex cases in the Appeal Courts.

Legal Aid:

We are able to advise you under various legal aid schemes if you qualify. There are a number of tests which we can advise you about further.

Only certain firms of solicitors appointed by the Legal Aid Agency can offer legal aid work. You may hear it being called Publicly Funded Work also.

Legal aid is where the government pays your legal costs if you are unable to afford them and is available in many areas of law but at Oliver Fisher Solicitors we can provide it in the following areas of law:

Family (Divorce, Domestic violence, etc)

If you are in receipt of certain benefits like Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance you should qualify automatically [contact us] for free legal aid. If you are in receipt of other benefits or are on a low income, legal aid may still be free and we will be able to assess if you qualify. We will usually need your National Insurance Number, proof of your receipt of benefits, photo I.D. and 3 months bank statements.