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What is Divorce/Civil Partnership Dissolution?

Divorce/civil partnership dissolution is a legal process for married people/civil partners wanting to end their marriage/civil partnership.

How Do I Get Divorced/End My Civil Partnership?

You can only get a divorce/civil partnership dissolution if you have been married/civil partnered for at least one year.

If you are starting a divorce/civil partnership dissolution in England and Wales then you also have to be able to show an appropriate legal connection to England and Wales, for example, that you and/or your spouse/civil partner habitually reside in England and Wales.

You need to show that your marriage/civil partnership has irretrievably broken down. There are a number of ways you can establish that your marriage/civil partnership has irretrievably broken down and not all require you to show serious misconduct or a period of separation. Furthermore, not all require your spouse/civil partner to consent.

There are three basic steps to getting a divorce/civil partnership dissolution:-

1. Step One:

File your petition for divorce/dissolution with the Family Court setting out your reasons for wanting a divorce/civil partnership dissolution and showing that your marriage/civil partnership has irretrievably broken down;

2. Step Two:

Apply for the decree nisi/conditional order once your petition has been issued and served on your spouse/civil partner. The decree nisi/conditional order confirms that you are entitled to a divorce/civil partnership dissolution.

3. Step Three:

Apply for the decree absolute/final order six weeks after you get the decree nisi/conditional order.

How Much Does A Divorce/Civil Partnership Dissolution Cost?

The Family Court currently requires a fee of £410 to be paid at the start of any divorce/civil partnership dissolution.

Oliver Fisher can in most cases offer a fixed fee to cover the cost of preparing your divorce/civil partnership dissolution petition, applying for the decree nisi/conditional order and applying for the decree absolute/final order.

How Long Does A Divorce/Civil Partnership Dissolution Take To Complete?

Many straightforward divorces/civil partnership dissolutions take on average 6 or 7 months to complete. However, the period may take longer if there are additional matters such as finances or property, pensions to resolve.

How Can Oliver Fisher Help?

We have experienced solicitors who can advise and assist you about any divorce/civil partnership dissolution and guide you through each of the steps needed to get you a divorce/dissolution as quickly as possible. This includes helping you to prepare your petition for divorce/dissolution and taking it through the various stages up to and including obtaining the decree absolute/final order.

Email: jo@oliverfisher.co.uk or ron@oliverfisher.co.uk