Divorce Flow Chart

1.           The Petitioner sends the petition in triplicate, the original marriage certificate and fee of £550 to the court (for London this goes to the Bury St Edmunds County Court).


2.           The court processes the petition and sends it to the other party with the acknowledgment of service.


3.           The Respondent completes and returns the acknowledgement to the court, which is sent to the Petitioner by the court with the forms for the next stage.


4.           The Petitioner completes the statement in support of the petition and applies for directions for trial by sending the papers to Bury St Edmund.


5.           The District Judge considers the paperwork and confirms whether it is in order and that the Petitioner has proved their case.


6.           If all is in order, the District Judge confirms this to the parties and the court arranges a decree nisi date.


7.           The decree nisi is made and a copy sent to the parties.   Neither party needs to attend court.