Collective Enfranchisment Solicitors Notting Hill Gate and Kensington & Chelsea

Collective Enfranchisement is a right, subject to qualification, for the owners of flats in a building, and sometimes part of a building, to join together and buy the freehold of that building.

Provided at least 50% of the flats in the building, who are qualifying tenants, participate and the building qualifies the landlord cannot refuse. The procedure is quite complex and the correct notice needs to be served on the landlord, so it is advisable to use a specialist solicitor and surveyor when undertaking this process.

There is a formula in the 1993 Act which is used to calculate the amount the leaseholders will have to pay to buy the freehold, known as the premium. Again the formula is complex and a specialist surveyor would be needed to provide an estimate of the premium to participating leaseholders.

At Oliver Fisher, our specialist Solicitors partner with surveyors who have years of experience in Collective Enfranchisement valuation.

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