Awaab Ishak – Extreme Cases of Disrepair

6th April 2023 By Emily Zafirakou

Sadly it is not rare to hear of cases of people living in conditions that are less than what we would expect to be a normal, healthy standard.  For those of us who are fortunate enough to not worry about the state of our home; whether it is fit to live in, we all cannot help being affected by the tragic story of little Awaab Ishak.  Awaab died aged just 2 years old as a result of the severe mould and damp conditions inside his home.  How can this possibly happen?  

It is shocking to learn that the local authority has not remedied the issue within the building that Awaab lived, and to come to understand that other residents are living in the same conditions.  Remedial works have apparently been carried out but there is still an appalling amount of mould and damp inside the properties.  Residents fear for their lives long term.  The local authority have been in to paint over mould but residents are scared of becoming ill also.  
As the cost of living pressures increase and the cost of energy soars, it is a worry for those that need to heat their homes and use extra electrical appliances to try to combat or keep the damp and mould at bay.
Oliver Fisher Solicitors Housing Department has a history of succeeding in cases where tenants and leaseholders face similar conditions and are not heard when they contact the housing association about the concerns they have.  We pride ourselves on our extensive experience and expert knowledge that we pour into matters to try to achieve the best outcome for our clients.  
If you have a housing issue or know of someone that may need our skilful representation please contact us.  

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