Homelessness & Suitable Accomodation

Offers of suitable accommodation

The Local Authority may offer you accommodation when you apply as a homeless person. Any accommodation you’re offered must be suitable.

The council offers you either emergency accommodation while it looks into your situation or temporary accommodation while waiting for settled accommodation.

It could also make you an offer of settled or permanent housing.

Don’t turn down an offer without advice. Your council may not have to give you any more help.


Unsuitable temporary accommodation

After the Local Authority has finished its enquiries into your homelessness application, it may decide that you are entitled to longer-term temporary accommodation. This could be a bedsit, a flat, a house, or a place in a hostel or B&B.

When deciding if it’s suitable, the council can take into account the temporary nature of the accommodation offered and the type of housing available in the area. In areas where there is a lot of demand for housing, it can be difficult to persuade the council that the accommodation is unsuitable.

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