Family and children – international

International marriages and personal relationships place increased demands on family lawyers whose clients require realistic advice about complex cross-border family law issues. This has led to an increasing role for international family law counsel.

Today, it would hardly be unusual for a French woman and an Iranian man living in Sweden to marry in Belgium, to move to London on business, own other property in New York, a business in Los Angeles, and have children in school in Switzerland. If they separated and one spouse unilaterally returned with the children to live in Sweden, each party might well require legal advice regarding many matters, each having a significant international component, concerning divorce, contact with children, equitable distribution, child support, spousal maintenance and possibly even child abduction.

Family lawyers may have little experience in handling international cases. Should they handle such matters without the assistance and collaboration of experienced and knowledgeable international family law counsel, they risk not representing their clients’ interests competently.

At Oliver Fisher, our team of family lawyers are experienced in international matters and work in tandem with international family counsel to ensure you receive the best advice, sooner rather than later.